Family Newsletter Registry List, Page 2
Family Newsletter Registry List, Page 2
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     Title of Publication                   Surnames Covered                   Parishes/Towns   
of Origin
                Description                 Contact Person Email Address Web Address Street Address City State/Province Zip/Post Country
Dunbar Notes Dunbar Morayshire Scotland? For descendants of Robert Dunbar of Hingham, Mass about 1650. Bill Budde   123 McKinley Street Bennington Vermont 05201-1824 USA
Ellis Cousins Newsletter Ellis   20-24 pages published quarterly with members in 48 states plus Canada researching our Ellis (and variations on spelling) family history. Sharon Worthey P.O. Box 540576 Grand Prairie TX   USA
Evans Events Evans   quarterly Genealogy newsletter of Evans families in US Shelina Virjee          
Familiar News Marrero, Potter, Malone, George, Vialet, Zingue, Leonard, O'Neal, Camsel Caribbean, Virgin Islands, St. Barts, Puerto Rico Connecting Caribbean Families - published monthly online Monifa A. Marrero Bournefield 251-B St. Thomas VI 00802 USA
Family Affair Spencer, Brown, Anderson, Jones, George Spencer once every 9-12 months Vincil            
Family Connection Lacks, Garrett, Palmer, Pleasant, Foster, Coleman   Keeping family members connected across the miles. Joyce Iris Foster   15718 Mendocino Dr Houston TX 77083 USA
The Family Connection Steffy, Meek, Dolman California Steffy & Meek family roots, along with connecting families, published four times yearly, also includes current family news Barbara Dolman            
Family Link Mosley W. Memphis, Arkansas Details about the reunion in Texas August 10,11,12, 2003 Rita Mosley   4930 Rolling Vista Mesquite TX 75150 USA
Family Newsletter Abrahamson, Achtmeyer, Affield, Aiktin, Amy, Backman, Bahr, Bailey, Bakken, Balcome, Candice, Carlow, Carlson, Casto, Caza, D`Auria, Dalton, DeCrosse, DeMars, DeMaude, Eaton, Effinger, Ehlert, Ekman, Elizabeth, Farrington, Felver, Fike, Fishe,r Fitch, Gabbaro, Gagnon, Gallant, Garin, Garrick, Hage, Haight, Haitman, Halgren, Halverson, Ide, Ila, Irvin, Jackman, Jackson, Jacobson, Jacubek, Jakubek, Kahm, Kappes, Kasperson, Keane, Keller, LaFord, LaMare, LaSota, Laakso, Machlewicz, Mader, Madigan, Manskar, Marcell, Nabor, Nash, Navarro, Nellie, Nelson, O`Geay, Oakes, Ochs, Oleksinski, Olson, Pace, Pahl, Palmer, Park, Parker, Quigley, Rabold, Ramsey, Ratajek, Rayna, Reimer, Sabaska, Sahlsten, Samberg, Sanda, Sander, Taival, Tallakson, Tanner, Tatro, Thomas, Ulvi, Ung, Unknown, Vandervest ,Vantassel, Vashaw, Vekich, Vergadahl, Wait, Walsh, Wanek, Ward, Warner, Young ,Zadnikar, Zatechka, Zetterlind, Zgonz   All about Our Family family memories, family photos, and vacation photos Andrew   1724 New Street Duluth MN 55806 USA
Featherstone Family News Featherstone, Featherston, Feathertsonhaugh, Featherstonehaugh, Featherstun, Fetherston, Fetherstone   Featherstone and related surname one name study W. Paul Featherstone          
Fincher News Fincher   The Fincher News is by and about the descendants of Silas Jordan Fincher. It will be published at least twice a year. Joy Fincher Weaver 124 Oak Street Clover SC 29710 USA
The Freeman Family Freeman, Dodson, Dotson                         Janet Freeman            
The GIEBER - GIBBAR Family Newsletter Gieber, Gibbar, Giber, Gibbear, and related names Perryville, MO; Schorbach, France; St. Bernard's & St. Mary's, Clifton, KS Biannual, spring & fall issues Robert Gieber   2315 Carpenter Ave Des Moines IA 50311 USA
Gossett Gazette Gossett, Burns, Utley, Gully, Nowell, Morris, Jordan USA--Tennessee, Arkansas A FREE quarterly newsletter chronicling the descendants of Henry & Margaret Burns Gossett of Wayne & Benton Co, Tennessee and their migration to Arkansas G. Womack            
The Gottfried Riffel Newsletter Riffel Volga German A free quarterly newsletter available to anyone interested in the ancestors and descendants of Gottfried Riffel Judy Riffel            
Hanks Historical Review Hanks, Hightower, Hill, Pelfrey, McQueen, Akers, Baber,    All about the Hanks family, articles, charts, pictures, family reunions, upcoming books and more. Published Jan., May & Sept. 12.00 yr. Back issues available. Free queries. Barbara Baber, editor P.O. Box 191 Monroe OH 45050 USA
Harriman Family Association Harriman, Herriman, Harryman, Herryman Uldale, England Articles on family history, family updates Heidi Harriman Holmes          
The Harvey-Johnson Family Times Harvey, Johnson   2 to 5 pgs about Arthur Harvey & Alma Johnson of PA, NC, VA distributed at Reunion each August Rhonda (Harvey) Hardesty            
Hedgpeth Facts and Findings - a Cross-Kin's Newsletter Hedgepth, Hudspeth, and variants i.e. H*D*P*TH USA, England This publication ran from March 1978 thru Dec. 1981 published by Ann K. Arnold, four volumes totaling 16 issues. It contains a wealth of info shared by many subscribers.. Ken Hedgpeth          
Hedgpeth / Hudspeth Newsletter Hedgepth, Hudspeth, and variants i.e. H*D*P*TH USA, England This publication ran from Sept. 1974 thru Jan. 1976 published by Frances R. Nelson, two volumes total 13 issues. It contains a wealth of info shared by many subscribers. Ken Hedgpeth          
The Hibbard Association Newsletter Hibbard   We publish a 12 page newsletter quaterly. Dues $12.00 yr. since 1993 now on page 695! Phil Hibbard, Editor & Publisher 1414 Modeste Dr League City TX 77573 USA
The Hony Muse Hony, Mahoney, Fields, Evans, Blankenship, Price, Lawson   It is geared toward the Hony and Fields clan, and it is published monthly. It includes family recipes, genealogy information, and family stories and photos. Wononia Eileen Meeks under construction P.O. Box 592 Signal Mtn. Tennessee 37377 USA
Hooper Family Hooper, Garettson, Campbell North Carolina, West Virgina   Lynn Hooper   P.O. Box 1486 Deridder Lousiana 70634 USA
Hutch Roots Newsletter Hutchinson, Hutcheson, Hutchenson, Hutcherson, Hutchison, Hutchingson, Hutchins, Hutchens, Hutcheoson, Hutch   Subscription to Hutch Roots Newsletter will provide you with over 80 pages for the calendar years subsciption of Hutch Roots data in a very well done quarterly publication. Barbara Cline Hutchinson 1623 Mutz Drive Indianapolis IN 46229 USA
In Defiance McBrayer, MacBrair, McBrair, McBriar, McBrier, Brier, McBryar, McBryer   Quarterly family genealogical news Robert L. McBrayer   952 Old Goddard Road Lincoln Park Michigan 48146-4453 USA
The Journal of the Watkins Family Watkins   The Journal of the Watkins Family is published quarterly and is mailed to all members of the society. David Watkins       6070  
Keelan Chronicle Keelan, Cameron, Magill St. Joseph's, Carrickmacross, Ireland   David Keelan 2943 Knoll Circle Ellicott City MD 21043 USA
Lacks, Garrett, Palmer, Pleasant, Foster, Coleman Family Newsletter Lacks, Garrett, Palmer, Pleasant, Foster, Coleman   A means of communicatiing/sharing in-between family reunions. Published 4 times a year Joyce Iris Foster   15718 Mendocino Drive Houston TX 77083 USA
Lampshire Family Newsletter Lampshire, Lamphire, Lampsire, Lampier   Contemporary news and family history Cathy Lampshire   2771 E. Norm Place Anaheim CA 92806-5040 USA
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